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February 8


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You and Ishimaru became friends after what happened tonight. Ishimaru found it difficult at first, because he had never had any friends. But after a few days he was accustomed. You, however, had a lot of feelings for him, but you could never tell him. You felt in love for the first time.

After the sauna battle between Ishimaru and Oowada, you knew to be friends with Chihiro and Oowada.
You and Chihiro were best friends for life. You suddenly had many things in common. Even though it turned out to be a guy ,you wanted to be there for him. And Oowada was like a big brother to you. You, Chihiro, Oowada and Ishimaru  had promised together that they will never kill someone.

But then it happened. Chihiro was murdered. You were shocked and outraged after you saw his body. You decided to do everything to find the killer and send the murderer to the execution. But during the class trial you never thought and believes that Oowada was the killer. You were especially angry because he broke the promise. That's why you voted for Oowada and sent him together with your other classmates to execution.

A few days passed and you and Ishimaru never talked to each other again. Even if you were relieved that the class trial was over, you felt somehow guilty because you've sent Oowada to the execution. Only in order to survive.
The friendship between you and Ishimaru was over, that you thought at least.

And now back to the story.


-Reader's Pov-

You walked down the hallway to your locker. You opened your locker. You put your stuff out and put them in your (color) backpack. You wanted your pack to your back to do it, but there was a huge sting in your head, and you let your (color) backpack drop. You put your hand on your forehead and trying to avoid pain. You stood up and grabbed your backpack. You wanted to run to be on time, but the thoughts in your head stopped you again.

(Name) * in mind *: Chihiro. You wish that I should hate Oowada,right? But ...

You could feel the tears streaming down over your cheeks. You tried to wipe away your tears, but the tears kept coming.

(Name) * In mind * ... Why is it so hard? I voted for him, because I want not only me, but also to protect Ishimaru and  the others. But this just does not feel right.

You covered your (e/c) eyes with your hands. Your tears touched the ground and you sobbed. Suddenly you hear in your head words of Oowada before the class trial.

Oowada: (Name). I want you and Ishimaru go on with your life and stay together. No matter what happens.

With those words you suddenly realized that Oowada knew that they would find out and that you and Ishimaru .... will stay together forever. Your tears stopped flowing and you dried your tears.

(Name) * in mind *: I need to find Ishimaru and apologize! Whether he wants it or not!

You put your backpack on your back and walked as fast as you could to find him and still be on time. You walked around the halls, but you saw him anywhere. You felt your head warm, but that did not stop you.

You watched a few minutes looking at your watch. You suddenly startled of the time. You only had five minutes before school starts. You had to run, because you had no other choice. But then almost everything went black and you felt dizzy. You put your hand against one of the lockers. Your face was getting hotter and your face began to sweat. The headache came back, but only much stronger. Your vision was getting darker and you thought that maybe it was your time to go. There were footsteps walking to you and stopped behind you.

???: (Name)! I want to talk to you.

You recognize that voice. That serious voice. That was exactly the person you wanted to find. The person that you were friends with. The only friend you have, or had at least.
You felt your legs shake and your eyelids almost closed.

(Name): Ishi ... maru?

Ishimaru heard on your weak voice that this is not good. He walked a few steps towards you.

Ishimaru: (Name)? Are you all right?

You knew you had not much time left to speak. You would fall unconscious on the ground anyway. Tears already formed in your (e/c) eyes.

(Name): I'm .. sor..ry.

Your eyelids close slowly. Your hand slipped away from the locker and your body collapsed. Before you were completely unconscious, you could only hear your name, screaming in panic.

-Ishimaru's Pov-

Ishimaru: (Name)!

I ran to her and managed to catch her ​​just before she fell to the ground. I turned her around so I could see her face. Her eyes were closed and her face was sweaty. I tried to shake her awake, but it didn't work. I wiped her (h/l) (h/c) hair out of her face and I felt her forehead. It was incredibly hot.

Ishimaru: Might be high fever.


Ishimaru: The school bell. I'll be late. But ...

I looked at (name) 's face. I never wanted to skip school, but she was my friend. And I must admit that I was worried about her. I decided to carry her in my arms and put her to bed.
When I entered my room, I put her under the covers in my bed. I wanted to leave my room, but I stopped at the door. My feet didn't walk. I looked at (name).

Ishimaru * in mind * I can't let (name) alone. But I have to go to school. What should I do?

I stood there with my fists. Looking at the ground. I didn't know what to do.

-To be continued-

The second part and the first part of this story is here! I began to love it to write stories of anime and games.

Ishimaru belongs to Dangan Ronpa


Part 1:

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